We still have a long way more to go before we truly understand the universe. In fact, we may never be able to fully do that. But here's one thing that will amaze you. The universe has the ability to draw - perfect spirographs in the sky.

Here's what Scott Wissinger - Helio and Astrophysics Video Producer at NASA Goddard made:
As Fermi orbits the Earth and alters how it points, the position of Vela changes it its field of view and this change traces an interesting and complex pattern. I made a video of the pattern getting traced out over time, and a still image showing slices of the pattern at various stages (small version attached.) I worked on this mostly because I thought it was visually appealing, but very different from most of the images you see from NASA. Both the image and the way it appears on the screen in the video reminded me of a Spirograph, which is where the title came from.
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