Facebook might just be taking some searches away from Google already. Even more bad news for Yahoo and Bing we reckon.

The number of searches done on search engines have dropped by 3% in 2012, according to a new report from comScore. Google, saw a number of searches decline by 2% last year.

But the decline comes from an overall increase total number of users performing searches. This means, the average user is performing fewer searches.

comScore posits that this may be because users are moving to vertical search tools like Facebook and Amazon to find things that will hit the spot instead of Google's broad and wide search net.

"Consumers are increasingly likely to search for a product on Amazon or eBay, and search for people on Facebook or Whitepages.com," comScore notes in the report. "While core searches are softening, vertical searches are up 8 percent year-over-year."

comScore concludes, "Facebook’s Graph Search, which incorporates users’ “likes” into search results, will have enough similarities to Google’s social search elements that the two companies appear to be on something of a collision course in this nascent segment of the search market."