Everyone's making smartphone screens wider and bigger, but Apple is just making them longer. The phablet category - expanding 70% in each of the next three years and yielding a $135 billion market by end of 2015.

According to project analysts at Barclays, vendors will move some 142 million units of it in 2013 and 402 million by 2015. Apple doesn't seem to consider even wanting to make it. The phablet may be huge, and possibly ugly, but its worth noting - Samsung's 5.3 inch Galaxy Note sold 10 million units as of last summer.

It's Galaxy Note II has already sold 5 million units in the first three months.

Now more manufacturers are following suit including ZTE and Huawei, HTC and Lenovo, Sony and LG are among those branching straight out into the phablet sized smartphones.

How will this affect Apple's plans on making one? Hopefully every other next iteration of an iPhone won't end up being just longer.