After his parents took away Halo 3, Daniel Petric shot them both, killing his mother, according to the prosecution in this 17-year-old's murder trial.

Daniel Petric was caught with Halo 3 on his way into the house after sneaking out to buy the game. His father then took it, placing the game in a lockbox—the same lockbox in which he stored his 9mm handgun.

Somehow, Petric retrieved his game and the gun from the lockbox. And according to his father, Petric entered the living room with a chilling request.

Would you guys close your eyes? I have a surprise for you.

At that point, he was said to shoot both of his parents in the head, killing his mother.

Petric's lawyers gave an opening statement mentioning that he'd suffered from a severe staph infection and found himself homebound to games and television for a year.

As of late, video games seem inundated with tragedy.

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