Passbook is a new app in iOS 6 that lets you manage your gift cards, coupons, event tickets and more. How do you make it work for you? Let's take a look at it:

Add, View and Use Passes

After updating to iOS 6, you'll see a new icon on your home screen. That icon is for Passbook. Tap on it to open your list of passes. Obviously when you start, you won't have any but you'll be able to head to the App Store and buy some.

Each card in Passbook shows you information you need at any point in time. For example, airline tickets will show you your flight number, gate, departure time, and more. Gift cards will show you current balance, coupons - expiration date. You can delete any of these info as and when.

Get Notifications for Passes As You Need Them

Each card has two settings: Automatic updates allows Passbook to update your gift card balance, airline gate changes and other information. The second is Show on Lock Screen - which will give you notifications of when its time to use that card.

If its an airline or event ticket, Passbook will notify you based on the time and if its a gift card or coupon it will send you a notification based on your location. You can edit the settings under Settings > Notifications just like any other app.

At this point in time, Passbook supports Fandango, Live Nation, Lufthansa,, Sephoro to Go, Ticketmaster and Welgreens. All these services may or may not exist elsewhere but the states. But of course, users from all over the world may soon be able to enjoy with other partners joining the fray like Starbucks, Apple stores and more. Check it out if you've already downloaded it.