Enamel is important to keep those pearly whites in good shape. The protective coating will shield our teeth from all sorts of harm. Which is why frequent brushing and flossing is encouraged. But once you lose your enable, there's no way to get it back. Until now.

A new material developed could be used to shield your teeth. Called Hydroxyapatite, a biomaterial, it has always been used for repairing bones and teeth, but it tends to be inflexible making it difficult to apply to teeth.

Japanese researchers have found a way to make them more pliable, so much that it could be 0.000016 inch thin and practically act as an invisible barrier that's shrink wrapped around your teeth.

The material can also be used to protect it before its eroded by acid and sugar. While its still a long way more to go with it having to undergo some testing, it could be available for cosmetic dentistry in as little as three to five years. [AFP via Medical Daily image via]