Scientists have tracked down the paths of sperm in 3D. Now we get to see how they move and the patterns that they make. How do they do it? In a corkscrew like pattern and are hyperactive and hectic. Sperm has swim strokes!

According to Aydogan Ozcan, the study leader, his team placed sperm on a silicon sensor chip and shone red and blue LED lights from different directions onto them to track their movements and plot out their path in 3D. Here's what they found out:
The vast majority of the sperm followed a "typical" path-more or less a straight line.

But some swam in a helical, or corkscrew, pattern previously only hinted at by fuzzy microscope results. Other sperm were labeled "hyperactive" due to their jerky direction changes, which sometimes sent them careening in reverse.
Check out the video below. Scientists do not know the differences in these swimming strokes just yet. Maybe the ones that really want to make it are relentless hence the crazy way of getting where they want to be. [National Geographic]