What do you do with your old phones? Samsung has a plan for you. They want to make you an offer for it. Of course, getting rid of an old phone is easy. You either sell it for cheap on some bidding site or leave it aside.

But if you want to get a new Samsung, they'll buy it off you outright for up to $300. Doesn't matter if your old phone is Samsung or not, just so long as your new one is. To do that, just apply for a quote on their Facebook page, and if you like the number you get, you can go out and buy a Samsung of your choice and mail your old phone in with the receipt from the new phone and you'll get a cheque in the mail.

Cash-for-phones isn't anything new, but it's interesting to see Samsung getting into the action since their business model isn't exactly "sell random used phones." Are they looking to recycle parts perhaps? [Phandroid]