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Penis size has always been a topic for men, with them thinking that the larger and longer the better. This ASAP science video uncovers everything you need to know about your member, and how size actually affects things, though, not every opposite member of the sex cares about it. Check it out:  Read more
GEEK ART    Jul 23, 2014 10:45
Here's the odd thing: Tylenol works but despite its effectiveness, scientists still don't know what makes it work inside of us. They only have theories. Isn't that scary? Check it out:  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jul 23, 2014 09:16
Steve Jobs got fired in the 80s, and a strange thing happened at Apple when he was not around. They decided to make the gadgets everyone thought was cool, they would have to make matching clothing too. In 1986, they released what was called "The Apple Collection".  Read more
GEEK ART    Jul 22, 2014 12:51
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