IP addresses have now depleted, and now the Internet Society is leading the launch of IPv6 which would allow the web to continue growing. Without IPv6, people would have to surf the web through a transitional gateway beore entering a non updated site using IPv4, which would the experience slower.

On Wednesday, website owners were encouraged to permanently enable IPv6, the generation of Internet protocol.

“World IPv6 Launch Day is a lot larger than people understand,” John Curran, president and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers, “IPv6 is the single largest upgrade in the history of the Internet. It’s not a small decision for the major content providers to turn on IPv6 and leave it on.

“Going forward, Internet users will be forced to go through transition gateways to reach businesses that do not similarly upgrade by adding IPv6 connectivity, with the result being slower connections and services for their customers,” Curran said.” The good news is that done properly, Internet users globally will not notice any significant difference in their daily lives.”

Companies and websites should speak with their ISP or hosting company to get IPv6 turned on their existing Internet connection.

The IPv6 transition is necessary because we've nearly run out of the 4.3 billion IP addresses possible within the IPv4 system. The new iPv6 system supports up to 32 digits and allows for up to 340 trillion combination.

[World IPv6 Launch via Business Insider]