In the future, your physical keyboard will appear before you almost magically on your touch screen tablet. When this happens, you can thank the technology from Tactus. Check out a quick video below:

The Verge's Nathan Ingraham says that the Tactus touchscreen prototype uses microfluidics to get this working. Beneath the outer surface of the screen, which appears as a plastic membrane are channels for a special oil to flow into reservoirs reserved for the keys of your keyboard. Ingraham says that the channels are barely perceptible and bare in mind that this is a very early prototype.

The idea behind the prototype is that one day it would be able to form multiple patterns in varying orientations. They also hope to make the pressure of the keys customizable, and allow keys to be pressure sensitive. The fact that this tech would only drain 2-3 percent of a device's battery on an average day makes it realistic to implement too. [Tactus via The Verge]