It's hard to keep your desk clean. Take it from me. Mine's messy and there's monitors and screens all over it. Men as it turns out, have a bigger problem because a recent study suggests that men have far dirtier desks compared to women.

A team of researchers from the University of San Diego sampled bacteria from offices in New york, San Francisco and Tuscon, Arizona and took swabs from chairs, phones, keyboards, desks, the works. They made a note of the gender of the person using the work space the sample was taken from and analyzed the levels and types of bacteria present in the samples.

They found, areas that were inhabited by men are just plain dirtier. The results are published in PLoS One, and Scott Kelly, one of the researchers, tells Live Science:
"The surfaces inhabited by men tended to have more bacterial cells and more abundance of cells than those inhabited by women."
Researchers say that men are on average larger than women, so they have a bigger surface area on which bacteria can grow meaning they simply carry more filth than women. Previous research also show that men don't wash their hands or brush their teeth as often as women. Are we the dirtier sex? Research suggests so. And it shows on our desks too.

Time to clean up, guys.

[PLoS ONE via Live Science]