I bet you're wondering, why is that hottie going out with that weak looking guy. Or that fatty? "He must be rich", is the first thought that will come to you. Common knowledge says that girls dig guys with muscles, but this seems to be wrong.

New research is suggesting that women gave up on bulging biceps and strong jawlines long ago in favor of qualities like loyalty and generosity. The weakling is the new stud now.

The research, which was conducted at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and is published in PNAS, got to the bottom of this by using math models of when humans started living in monogamous relationships.

The rise of the weaker males, or Beta males, began far earlier than suspected. Beta males started becoming a hit with the ladies not long after humans started living in large social groups.

When in such large groups, the Alpha males were clearly dominant, but the Beta males realised that they had to develop strategies in order to procreate, or in this situation, secure a relationship at least. So they did the unthinkable, which is what most women want these days. They devoted themselves to a single woman, who unlike the Alpha would prefer to go about spreading his seed and playing the field.

The research suggests, women quickly became more convinced by the notion of a committed and generous partner over that of a stronger, but promiscuous, man.

So there you go. Don't worry if you're not Brad Pitt material. You'll still get the girl if you stick to this science.

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