The Dragon is coming! Not a reference to hit TV and Fantasy series novels Game of Thrones, we're talking about SpaceX Dragon. The tiny black dot you see on the left, is the spacecraft making its way to the International Space Station. After a successful launch on Tuesday, the spacecraft is making its way to dock the station.

Dragon won't autonomously dock itself directly with the ISS. It will fly itself within a stone's throw from the station and cut its engines. The station's Canadarm2 will reach out to grab it and pull it to the U.S. segment of the station to berth it manually.

After its secured, it will pressurize the capsule with air from the station, and astronauts can start unloading on Saturday bringing 1,100 pounds of food, clothing and whatever supplies its sent up.

Over the next five days, all those supplies will be replaced with station experiments and broken equipment, which Dragon will bring back to Earth in an Apollo-style splash landing in the Pacific on May 31.


NASA, via New Scientist