Fortune has a lengthy profile of Tim Cook compiling reports of his performance through the first 7 months and how it has affected Apple. There's nothing new on this, and it says the same thing everyone knows. Cook is efficient, and he's putting his expertise in factory production to good use. But wait, there are some interesting talk on Apple's future products.

Fortune describes how Apple holds an annual event where it invites the "Top 100" executives to check out the company's upcoming roadmap:
Participants left the Top 100 energized about Apple's near-term outlook, presumably having seen Apple's next iPhone and perhaps its long-awaited television product too. One veteran executive was "blown away" by what he had seen, says someone this executive spoke to afterward. Reports another person with access to top-level Apple executives: "People came away totally comfortable with where the company is headed."
Indeed, allowing anyone to interfere with the creative-genius engineers is anathema to the Steve Jobs ethos at Apple. Sniffs one engineer: "This leads to more sharing of resources, which leads inevitably to fighting, which leads to weaselly excuses." They are normal corporate concerns, in other words, and very un-Apple-like.
The general consensus says that Cook is doing a good job in steering the ship where employees are happy and shareholders satisfied. Check out the profile on Fortune. It's a good read. [Fortune]