Now we've got tools to help combat mother nature's fickleness. We know that as global temperatures rise, increased storms, heat waves, and flooding will batter the Earth. A new interactive map from the Center for American Progress demonstrates the toll climate change will take on human beings by displaying regions that are at particular risk for different types of ecological disaster, and explaining precisely how future weather patterns will affect the population if global warming continues at its current pace.

The Center for American Progress created the map to provide scientific information on the dangers of global warming. Contributors suggest points on the map that, according to scientific research, have recently experienced or are predicted to experience increases in storm activity, flooding, heat waves, and fires due to global warming. The map also looks at endangered fisheries and possible threats to human health, such as increases in vector-borne diseases and algae blooms. Clicking on individual points on the map brings up a detailed prediction of the future weather patterns.

Hopefully the same kind of system can be replicated to eco-disaster prone areas and or a worldwide view of the climate changes.

The Human Toll of Climate Change [Science Progress via bioephemera]