This is the world's largest piece of tin foil on the planet, and its one of the James Webb Space Telescope's sunshield membranes. There will be five of these, which will help keep its core at 50 Kelvin (-369.67F or -223.15C).

Its a new technology developed specifically for the Webb. And its made out of material called Kapton, a polymide film developed by DuPont. Its structure remains stable going from 0 to 673 Kelvin (−459 to 752F or −273 to +400C) and has been coated with aluminum and doped silicon. It will be able to reflect the Sun and Earth's heat back into space.

NASA says that each of these five layers has to be precisely spaced with respect to the next. Will they eventually use this to reflect back all the excess heat we're getting? Could they reverse engineer it so that there's no global warming? Amazing tech for sure. Check out another shot of it below:  [Flickr]