Commando training is tough. And that's because they carry out some of the toughest high stake missions. That's why they need speed, agility and swift perception skills on top of top tier professional athletisicm. Their latest training program relies on a virtual reality system already used by pro sports teams.

The system, called "NeuroTracker," was designed by CogniSens. It was spun out of the nuerophysics lab of Dr Jocelyn Faubert, a researcher at Canada's University of Montreal. The system has been used exclusively for athletic training, until now.


Now commandos are going to get the NeuroTracker treatment as well. According to an announcement released last week, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) plans to purchase the NeuroTracker system in an effort to "improve situational awareness, multiple target tracking and decision-making efficiency" among operatives. Watch the video above.