Wicked Lasers has made an actual lightsaber. It's not the one that can cut you in half but it looks and acts like an actual weapon used by the Jedi. Here's what they claim:
LaserSabers are energized by the light of Wicked Lasers, harnessing the power of the force. The LaserSaber features an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system that can "power up" and "power down" the blade.

The LaserSaber maintains its radiant brilliance even when the lights are on. The LaserSaber is interchangeable and will attach to any Spyder 3 model. The aircraft grade aluminum hilt ensures secure attachment of the blade. Due to the extreme powers of the Spyder 3, only operate while wearing LaserShades in a controlled environment.

The Lasersaber is how they are calling it so they can avoid Lucasfilm from slapping them with a lawsuit(s). The Lasersaber is a 32 inch polycarbonate blade with an anodized aluminum base attached to a Spyder 3 laser. It also has the same kind of mechanism that makes it power on and off like the one in the movie.

And it's really stunning. There's no comparison to this just yet. They are available for $100 but you have to spend $300 more on the Spyder 3 laser.

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