According to a new examination of the Copenhagen City heart study, jogging less than two hours per week can add years to your life. Living longer because of some jogging? Sounds like a good deal.

The study started in 1976, and that's around the time that jogging began to boom, and the study followed 20,000 men and women aged 20 to 98. 1,116 male joggers and 768 female joggers were in the sample size of the study. Comparing their mortality rates to the main group, the men lived 6.2 years longer than non-joggers, and women lived 5.6 years longer.

The amount of exercise needed to drastically increase your lifespan isn't much at all. In fact, all you need is one to two and a half hours per week. You can even split it into different sessions.

So what does this tell us? Its time to get your exercise on man. Stop being lazy and get out there and do something, run, lift weights, play some sport, whatever. Its good for you.  [EurekAlert via Twitter]