Pop Video iPhone projector from Micron Technology uses a Pico projector to display higher resolution that most others. And its smal and cheap enough to be practical. Expect this to be brought in to presentations!

The device is a 3.5 ounce projector and connects to your iPhone via a retractable 30 pin dock connector and displays video at the iPhone's 960x540 resolution. The Pop Video app will then allow you to tweak the image, and on a full charge, the projector is able to run up to two hours. Which is good enough considering most presentations don't take too long.

And if you want to watch a feature film, most shows are around that duration. Obviously, it requires a pretty dark space to produce a decent picture, but for that $99 price, it's a nifty little accesory. The Pop Video projector is available for pre-order now. [Micron Technology via CNET]