Nokia isn't doing that great just yet. They just lost their world number one top spot to Samsung last week as a top phone manufacturer but in an interview with the Financial Times, they've got a plan to get back on track, with hybrids.

What could that mean? Former Nokia chairman Jorma Ollila, who spoke with FT did not give any specifics but there are some guesses. It could be that Nokia's next version of "hybrids" be some version of the tablet/PC hybrid Windows 8.

Or it could be Nokia wants to make more handsets like the Nokia 808 PureView, a gigantic 41 megapixel camera phone. Or it could always mean Nokia's very own Galaxy Note-like phablet.

Either way, Nokia is throwing a lot in with Windows Phone, and its Lumia line has so far done fairly well. For now its al assumptions and guesses.

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