RIM gave developers access to its upcoming smartphone platform, BB10. Some of the developers commited to the cause include partners from Poynt to Gameloft to Occipital. Games, content services and augmented reality apps represented!

RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins had previously said that the company would refocus on enterprise, but it clearly looks like they are still welcoming all demographics. Check out the selection of apps after the jump.


The trailer for Nova 3 just went up, and is getting widespread attention. Gameloft said it was committed to bringing the game to BlackBerry 10, along with Shark Dash


Endomondo is a fitness app with a social element that lets you challenge friends.

360 Panorama
This app, which is on iOS and Android, lets you shoot panoramic photos with your phone.

Poynt aims to be an all-in-one location-based app that lets you "connect with local businesses, retailers and events while you’re on the go."

Mippin isn't an app — it's an "app factory" that allows anyone to start creating apps in minutes.

PixelMags aims to put digital magazines on as many distribution channels as possible. The company says, "We will be able to give BlackBerry 10 users an amazing native-built application where consumers can read any magazine, anytime, within the application, for one low monthly fee."

Roaming charges are the enemy of Tru and it wants to make BlackBerry 10 its latest battlefield. "The platform’s support for open-source components flattens the learning curve enabling us to build a new application quickly and cost-effectively and have it ready to go when the first BlackBerry 10 devices debut," the company says.

Wikitude is augmented reality plus Wikipedia: Hold up your phone, and you'll see information displayed about whatever's on screen. Clearly, BlackBerry 10 will be up to the task of supporting the dynamic, real-time experience. “Our early access to the platform has convinced us to be part of this promising transition," says the company.