The formations you're checking out are quite unique because according to NASA, their  "short lifespan of preplanetary nebulae means there are relatively few of them in existence at any one time."

Is this the gate to heaven or just some phenomenon in space? NASA says that many aspects of these formations are still a mystery to be solved by astronomers:
At the center of this image, and hidden in a thick cloud of dust, is the nebula's central star. While we can't see the star directly, four searchlight beams of light coming from it shine out through the nebula. It is thought that ring-shaped holes in the thick cocoon of dust, carved by jets coming from the star, let the beams of light emerge through the otherwise opaque cloud. The precise mechanism by which stellar jets produce these holes is not known for certain, but one possible explanation is that a binary star system, rather than a single star, exists at the center of the nebula.
Or another portal to another time? [NASA Goddard]