Apple makes most of its gear in other countries, where its cheaper to do so. Is it mainly to extract more profits? Perhaps, but a new study from the University of Manchester's Center for Research on Socio-Cultural Change claims that even if Apple shifted its manufacturing over to the U.S., it would still be able to maintain gross margins of 50 percent.

That's high! In other words, if they were to move back to the U.S., it could create tens of thousands of jobs to boost their local economy. Except, that it will never happen.

Because Apple is a publicly owned company, its got a responsibility to its shareholders, and that means making insane amounts of cash for them. But if they were a private company on the other hand, then it could purely mean on an altruistic level. Still, don't expect them to shift from Foxconn to some other factory closer to Cupertino.

[CReSC via Cult of Mac]