Holidays seem to past in a blink of an eye. But when you look back in a few weeks, it would seem that it lasted for months. Called the Holiday Paradox, psychologist and BBC broadcaster Claudia Hammond wrote a book on the phenomenon, titled Time Warped.

Time flies when you're having fun, so the day quickly passes as your brain's focus won't be on time. Hammond said our assessment of time is based on the amount of new memories we create during a period of time, and it becomes a measuring stick to it.

In comparison to a regular fortnight, we only accumulate about six to eight memories, and those will last with us, and are not short termed. Routine always fades instead.

When something new is happening, an adventure, vacation, holiday or even a new job, the brain creates new memories at an extremely high rate making it easy for us to gain eight new memories in just a day.

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Via The Telegraph