Digital technology has already begun to change the way we shop for things. It doesn't change the fact that you'll pay upon leaving, but it helps you make up your mind on the product of choice. In this case we have Perch Interactive, a four-person firm developing a kind of interactive projection display for retail environments.

The Perch display uses projected light and motion sensors to enhance products on the tabletop counters - it senses when and where a product (or the area around a product) is touched and picked up.
Perch gives retailers the opportunity to “build a life around a product,” says cofounder Jared Schiffman, a graduate of MIT’s Media Lab. “When you see a product on a shelf, you can imagine how it might be used or how it might be worn, but that doesn’t always happen or happen in the way the product creator intended,” says Schiffman. Perch has the ability to give retailers and creators greater control over that experience, he contends.
Check out the video to see how Perch works for shoppers:

Perch is not the first company to develop the technology. Schiffman has worked on similar projects at Potion for years. However, those projects were one-offs with customized solutions for institutional clients.

The Perch display will be unveiled officially at Decoded Fashion, a fashion and technology conference which will be held at New York's Lincoln Center on April 30.