Apple's next iPhone is coming out in October, according to Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray. He also says that the phone will have a redesigned body, and run on 4G data networks such as LTE.

What's more, he predicts the phone will be available in October based on a statement made yesterday by Qualcomm. The company is having trouble meeting customer demand for its radio chips. The chips would be used by Apple to connect the new iPhone to faster data networks.

But what's more interesting is this report that the new phone would be build with a redesigned body. Computerworld claims Apple will be using an exotic material known as LiquidMetal to create the phone. Apple spent $30 million acquiring the rights to use LiquidMetal in 2010.

Recent reports indicate that the company will make good on those rumors with the release of the iPhone 5.

LiquidMetal is not the Terminator T-1000 you remember it is. Instead, its made of several different metals, allowing the phone to be more durable while giving its a liquid like exteior feel. Its light like plastic but durable like aluminum.

LiquidMetal announced it started shipping its first commercial parts in December of last year. “We are very excited about the use of amorphous alloy technology to deliver stronger, lighter, and more corrosion resistant parts to our customers in varying industries globally.” President and CEO Tom Steipp said in a press release.

“These initial shipments represent a significant milestone in our efforts to provide a new class of materials for our customers to consider when designing complex parts.”

Do you think the next iPhone is going to have a larger screen? And a different shape? What do you think?