Unveiled at the Aero Expo in Freidrichshafen, Germany, this is Pipistel's new Panthera. Its a four seater plane and it can be ordered with a standard, highly efficient gas engine. But its also available in all electric model too. Its like a Tesla, that can fly.

The Electro version, relies solely on the state of the art electric batteries. Its got a considerably shorter range than the gas model - 250 miles compared to the 1,150 miles on the gas version. Charging it at the airport is also considerably cheaper than filling a fuel tank.

Panthera comes equipped with a high-speed full airframe parachute system which will deliver it safetly back to Earth if there's a problem.

And its almost like a luxury electric car. On the inside, its got a huge touchscreen aviation instruments, front seats that look like they were from a luxury sports car, and extra wide back seats for added passenger comfort. Not too bad for a four seater. Would we be seeing more of these in the future? How do you like the idea of flying? To work.

[Pipistrel via Born Rich]