Apple does a good job at distracting people from the reality of how their products are made. So far, we've learned about the Foxconn debacle - sub standard working conditions, harsh environments where people are affected.

Apple's new billion dollar data center in Maiden, North Carolina was built to support iCloud. And its another strike against the environment this time. The plant, is powered mostly by coal, through Duke energy. Apple is building a solar farm down th road from the data center, but that renewable source only accounts for 10 percent of its needs.

Greenpeace estimates that just 15.3 percent of Apple's energy is clean. While another 55.1 percent is powered by coal. The figure makes them one of the heaviest users of dirty power compared to any other tech company.

Google uses 28.7 percent coal, and 39.4 percent of its energy is clean, whereas Facebook is 39.4 and 36.5 respectively. [Mother Jones]