Higinio O. Ochoa III was charged by the FBI with hacking into US law enforcement agencies and releasing phone numbers and home addresses of police officers. He's a 30 year old Linux administrator who lives in Galveston, Texas, and the FBI is accusing him of being part of Anonymous, the hacking group. The woman in the photo is his Australia girlfriend, who lives in Wantirna South, Melbourne, Australia.

It was used by the FBI as "definitive proof" that shows that the CabinCr3w hacker known as w0rmer and Ochoa are the same person.

Ochoa allegedly posted a tweet using the handle @Anonw0rmer. In that tweet, he directed followers to a site in which he posted pilfered information from various law enforcement agency websites. There was also an image of a woman, this woman, which is now identified as a girlfriend, a sign that reads "PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u BiTch's !"

It was taken with an iPhone, and it had GPS information which showed the photo was taken at the woman's home in Wantirna South. The GPS information embedded in the photo's EXIF data, has information such as location, camera type, and other image information in every photo you take with your smartphone. You see where the story is headed?

Other tweets from @Anonw0rmer pointed to other sites that contained references to the w0rmer alias and more pictures of this woman. And some of them had Ochoa's name connected to the w0rmer alias, which gave the feds enough cause to gain access to Ochoa's Facebook page where they discovered that he listed the Australian woman as his girlfriend.

The FBI is convinced there is no doubt that it is the same woman they see in the pictures and that Ochoa is w0rmer.

Higinio was busted on March 20, according to a Pastebin post allegedly written by himself on March 31. In that post, he said that "around 8 agents from the FBI stormed [in his] apartment" at around 10:30 a.m. He then was taken to a Houston FBI office until he paid a $50,000 bail.

Ochoa claimed he wasn't an informant:

Some body such as myself who not only participated in the occupy movement but knew many and knew the inner workings of the 'infamous' cabin crew would not be just put away without wondering if he could be turned. I did how ever tell FBI that I would participate in the capture of my fellow crew mates, a play which undoubtfully both satisfied and confused the FBI.

Those however who know me best would vouch for me undoutfully that doing so would put this movement at risk, something that I wish more anon's would not only consider but place higher than themselves and those around them. ALL information provided to the FBI merely made MY case weaker and caused internal confusion showing the inherent weakness in the system.

In addition to revealing policemen's personal information from several law enforcement agencies, including more than one hundred Los Angeles police officers, CabinCr3w was also responsible for leaking email address and confidential information from Goldman Sachs executives in September 2011.

Ochoa took time to reply to these accusations:

After FBI Agent Scott Jenson [sic] was done explaining how unimpressed he was with both my expressed skills, and information I provided the systems administrator for the texas DPS, he then proceeded to interview me for the exact information concerning the breach of the texas DPS site. (It would seem to me neither the DPS administrator nor the FBI fully understand the ‘complexity' of SQL injections.)

Got done it by boob evidence. So Julius Ceaser. [SMH and MYCE and Security News Daily]