Kevin Rose was hired by Google recently. We posted this piece of news earlier last week, and if you didn't already know, he's the mastermind behind the social news site Digg. Last year, he was with Milk, a mobile app incubator that has hatched a grand total of one app: the now-defunct social review app Oink.

So here's the question. What is Kevin Rose going to do at Google? The VP of product at Google+ went on the record to confirm Rose's hiring, and it's safe to assume that Rose will be trying to improve Google's stagnant, not quite dead (yet), social network.

But is Rose the person needed to revive Google's almost dead social network? His best projects have instead, been more of ventures into areas of social networking which haven't yet been explored. He's worked on Pownce before, combining Megaupload esque filesharing with Facebook ish sort of friend circles. And in 2005, Rose co-founded the web based TV network Revision3, web video was an undeveloped, unexplored territory where any idea was a new one.

With this in mind, just how long will Rose be staying put in Google?

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