Imagine not having to work out or watch what you eat and you're still able to stay healthy and not gain weight. There is a compound in your brain that behaves like that. And its everyone's fantasy. An experiment, recently performed in mice show that it can be easily translated to humans.

Scientists tweaked a protein in mice' brains that turned down the levels of "endocannabinoids". They are similar to the active ingredients in pot or cannabinoids, and they regulate metabolism, limiting the function to let the rodent's metabolic rates go crazy.

The mice ate high fat diets but stayed skinny without having to exercise. Their blood pressure was normal too and there were no increased risk of heart disease or diabetes. Scientists would need to develop a drug that specifically targeted endocannabinoids, which is by all means, no walk in the park.

They would also have to test the drug in animals and then humans to make sure it is safe and effective and the FDA would have to give them a stamp of approval. The exercise is estimated to be up to $2 billion. And of course, this will take forever to come (10 years at least). The sad part is that the majority of drugs tested in animals never make it to humans. So don't get your hopes up to high.

But lets be optimistic. Lets hope this happens. But in the mean time, its always good to engage in some good old fashioned exercise and outdoor activity.