Spotify has seemed to have gotten the music formula right. Since December, its users have clocked up to 13 million hours of listening to music around the world. Its now set its sights higher and wants to take over the digital music ecosystem entirely.

According to the Guardian, Spotify's rise has brought a rash of third party developments: play list generators, lyric wikis, custom radio services and so and so forth. Spotify is hoping to capitalize on this soon enough.

Speaking to the Guardian, Sten Garmark, Spotify's director of platform, explains:

"Everyone has their individual idea for what Spotify should do next, which is why we love music apps. They are important so we can cater to all those needs. And since people are asking us to provide these features, when we do, music will be more valuable to them. They will be more likely to pay..."

"We have to turn ourselves into the OS of music," says Garmark. In doing so, it seems to be taking a leaf out of Apple's book. "It's a curated platform: we want to make sure the content is great, so we're not just letting anyone release anything. We're working with them to make sure it's good. We don't want our users to have crappy experiences with apps."

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