Fast food ordering in Japan is on a different level. Starting in March, McDonalds will be testing out a new system that would allow drivers to order and pay for a meal right from their car's navigation unit. It will utilize the country's wireless traffic news network, aka ITS.

When vehicles pass near one of McDonalds' restaurants, it will automatically provide you with a menu that can be navigated with their GPS device's touch screen. They can also order ad pay for food, while they are driving. Details about the payment are a little blury. They will then be redirected to the closest branch to pick their order up.

Sounds efficient, especially when you think that the lines at McDonalds are getting a little bit too long now, and that includes waiting time. The test now involves 26 different companies to make it happen, and that includes Toyota, Pioneer, Panasonic System Networks, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and financial institutions. [Nikkei via Japan Trends]