Alan Arnette has a post on Outside detailing just how much it would cost to climb Mount Everest. If you haven't thought about it before and think its cheap, well, its not. Its easily, for Asians at least, close to $100,000 if you count air flights from this part of the world.

Arnette details the three ways you can climb Mount Everest: 1. you can put together your own expedition 2. join a logistics only expedition or 3. join a fully guided expedition. The fully loaded guide has sushi, five star chefs, open bar, espresso machines but it comes with a more expensive price tag, at least $100,000 plus tip and bonuses.

The most clear breakdown Arnette gives is in planning your own personal expedition:

Travel expenses: $2,375 - $6,225
Getting to Everest Base Camp: $2,150
Climbing fees and deposits: $19,700 - $37,700
EBC equipment and cooks: $9,300
Oxygen and climbing Sherpas: $8,525
Gear: $7,000
Misc (medical kits, communications, evacuation): $8,250-$12,000

I would expect the travel expenses to vary according to wherever you are coming from. But its still a whole lot of money. And its not for us regular people. Its only for rich peeps!  [Outside via @erikmal]