Just like the movies, there seems to be some spy vs spy action happening in Paris. A briefcase detailing a joint French/UK military drone was stolen, and the briefcase was full of secret documents. That's not great news.

The briefcase belongs to an executive from major French military contractor Dassault, and was packed with documents marked "Defence - Confidential", according to the Telegraph. First, why is this guy carrying it around and why are they in forms of documents and not encrypted files?

The BBC says: "the briefcase was stolen when a senior Dassault Aviation official buying a Eurostar rail ticket went to the help of a colleague who was being bothered by a young man. When the official returned to retrieve his case, it had disappeared."

The briefcase possibly included plans for a collaborative Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) drone, similar to America's infamous missile-spittin' RQ-1 Predator. As to who has the briefcase now, no one knows for sure.