Let's be honest. Your passwords suck. That's why your accounts always get hacked and even though you keep reminding yourself to change 1234 to 1234abcd, it's still not good enough. But keeping track of unique alphanumeric cyphers is a bother. Luckily for you, it seems like the future versions of Google Chrome will have built-in features to help you do better at passwords.

According to the Chromium Projects site, the development team is planning to introduce a password generator to future versions of Chrome. How this will work exactly hasn't been noted yet, but it will basically take the place of a password manager for everyone who uses one. When Chrome detects you filling out a form on a registration page, the browser will prompt you with the option to generate a password out of random letters, numbers and symbols. So all you'd have to do is store that password with Chrome, and Chrome will sync it to all of the computers you use.

It doesn't say how safe this feature is when it comes to other people using your computer, or how you're going to access all your passwords when you're not using one of your synced computers.