Obama is officially the first YouTube president—you know, if you doubted it for some reason with 1800 videos uploaded and over 110 million views. He will be the first president to post videos of his weekly fireside coffee talks on YouTube in addition to the traditional radio format, which goes back to FDR, who used the medium to directly address the nation as he steered it through the Depression and WWII. Indeed, some pundits are calling the Obama administration's use of the web the "internet-era" version of FDR's fireside chats.

Policy experts, future Cabinet officials and senior members of the transition team will be holding Q&As and video interviews at Change.gov, in addition to Obama's weekly YouTube addresses. Is it a stretch to say that the way the Obama administration says it'll use the internet might be the most significant step forward in communicating with the public since the fireside chats started? Maybe. I mean, presidents have never used TV constantly or particularly consistently to do so. But it could also be a huge failure.

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