Aside from trying to be different in almost every manner, for example, metric of measurement is different in the United States, as well as some terms. One you'd be more familiar with is the term Cell Phone, when the rest of the world uses Mobile Phone.

Cellular describes phone technology, used by engineers Douglas H. Ring and W. Rae Young at Bell Labs. Their network of wireless towers diagrammed into what they call a cellular layout, and the term was chosen because each tower and its coverage map looked like a biological cell. It didn't take long before the term caught up.

Mobile phone on the other hand predates cellular. The first mobile phone call was placed in 1946 over Bell System's Mobile Telephone service, and the first commercial mobile phones were installed in cars in 1970.

The two names are interchangeable, though some people seem to disagree on the usage. We on the other hand, call it hand phones. Cos you know, it's always in our hands. Duh.

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