Two marketing professors got together to see if their studies could implant someone with memories with no more than an ad. The result: They succeeded.

The test involved two groups of people who read out a description of a brand of popcorn, and each group got one of two cards. The first group would get a card that had an elaborate description of the popcorn, and the second group got a more perfunctory description.

After the two groups were done reading, some of the people would then get to eat the popcorn, but some of them would not. It didn't matter which group they were in, as long as they got the more descriptive card. Those who got the brief description believed, a week later, that they had actually sampled the popcorn, when they hadn't. And those who got the full description without the taste test were like to report that they had eaten the popcorn as those who actually had.

In a nutshell, this was an experiment to make someone believe they experienced something as the real experience. Advertising. What a work of art.

If advertisers can get people to remember eating foods they've never tried before, they can create a familiar, comfort, if not nostalgic feeling to any product if applied properly.

How about that?