Breakthroughs in medical science always get me excited. Some french researchers have developed an artificial heart that beats just like the same thing.

This can potentially mean alot to many hopeful patients who are looking for heart transplants.

The team, led by Dr Alain Carpentier, a renowned French heart surgeon, presented a prototype of the artificial heart during a press conference Monday in Paris. Carpentier has been working on this project for the past 15 years.

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"This new total artificial heart is a first, because it is made of biosynthetic tissues," Patrick Coulombier, deputy managing director of Carmat, the biomedical company that developed the heart, told These materials, made from animal tissue, are less likely to be rejected by the human body.

"The risks of blood clots are limited with this new artificial heart because of the use of biosynthetic tissues," Coulombier explained. These tissues were first invented by Carpentier more than 30 years ago for cardiac valve prostheses, which are sold today all around the world and are made from animal tissues chemically treated to prevent human immune systems from rejecting the heart.

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