And by cops we mean the AXE police! Female cops are issuing summonses to men suspected of accidentally seducing women to give them their numbers willingly.

AXE, the No. 1 male deodorant brand in the world is excited to kick start the first installment of The Axe “Most Wanted” Campaign to charge men for being too seductive by smelling great! In line with this campaign, Axe Deodorant Bodyspray is getting the men to surrender themselves for their crimes by making the ladies go crazy over their scent with The Axe Effect before the Axe Police gets their hands on them!

Time is running out as we speak! The AXE “Most Wanted” Campaign is on its last week of voting and ladycops are frantically trying to bust men guilty of wearing the irresistible scent.

“We urge seductively dangerous sexy smelling men to start turning themselves in to the Axe Police as the ladies are losing control as more and more of them have fall prey to The Axe Effect,” said Ms Tanya Teng, Brand Manager for Axe Malaysia. “We have begun our operation to deploy the seductive Axe Police on the streets and stores to arrest these unsuspecting men and bring them to justice at the Axe Police Tribunal Hearing come April 2011” she added.

What happens to AXE busted suspects???
Suspects will be summoned with their charges and they have to turn themselves in to with their mug shot and their confessions for their crimes to be in the running to be tried at the Axe Police Tribunal Hearing by a panel of sizzling hot jury members!

Going on trial
Ten Most Wanted Men will be shortlisted via AXE Malaysia’s Facebook Application, and the witnesses will push these criminal minded men to be tried at the Axe Police Tribunal Hearing by voting for them.

If you are caught guilty…
At the Axe Police Tribunal Hearing, only one of these ten will be deemed guilty by our panel of juries will undergo a one year community service by escorting any amount of partying girls to Zouk, whilst the remaining nine will each take home an iPhone 4 for the AXE Police to check on them during their probation.

Are you guilty of being the AXE 'Most Wanted' man? You better be, because these sexy ladycops can’t wait to get their cuffs on you. Start by turning yourselves in on before time runs out!