This guy has two hearts now after a successful operation. Check out the video above. Its a little graphic to say the least, but Tyson Smith, whose hearts are shown above, went through a rare surgery called heterotopic heart transplant. Doctors added another heart to the right side of his chest to share the work of the first heart. But why two hearts?

In Smith's case, he couldn't replace his own heart with the new one, he needed both:

"Even though Mr. Smith was facing death, he could not have a standard heart transplant," explained Dr. Michael Madani, associate professor of surgery and co-director of the UC San Diego Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center, in the release. "Removing the old heart and replacing it with a new heart would have caused the new heart to fail because resistance to flow in his lungs-called pulmonary hypertension-was so high. But together, the two hearts share the work and get the job done."
I can only imagine his dating life from now on. He can give one heart to one woman. So two hearts to two women!

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