Taking asprin on a daily basis for long term reduces one's chances of dying from common cancer. In a new report, researchers have found that from eight long term studies from some 25,000 patients, a small dose of 75 miligram in asprin taken daily for at least five years reduces the risk of dying from common cancers from 10 to 60 percent. The findings were published on The Lancet:
• After 5 years of daily aspirin, death due to gastrointestinal cancers decreased by 54%.
• After 20 years, death due to prostate cancer decreased by 10%
• After 20 years, death due to lung cancer decreased by 30% (among those with adenocarcinomas, typically seen in nonsmokers)
• After 20 years, death due to colorectal cancer decreased by 40%
• After 20 years, death due to esophageal cancer decreased by 60%
Professor Peter Rothwell at the University of Oxford and John Radcliffe Hospital says that the findings doesn't mean you should start ingesting some asprin on a daily basis and taking it on a daily basis can still be responsible for some complications like bleeding.

Rothwell suggests the new data could lead people to reevaluate aspirin's risks:
They do demonstrate major new benefits that have not previously been factored into guideline recommendations...previous guidelines have rightly cautioned that in healthy middle-aged people, the small risk of bleeding on aspirin partly offsets the benefit from prevention of strokes and heart attacks...But the reductions in deaths due to several common cancers will now alter this balance for many people.
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