Sugary drinks may not be good for you, and they are blamed for gout in women. Gout is a condition which causes painful inflammation, usually in the toes.

Caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood, crystallizing in joints and tissues - this leads to swelling.. Thought the disease is often associated with that period in history, it's still common today.

Research from the Boston University School of Medicine found that women who have a serving of soda a day have a 74% increased chance of gout than women who skip the drinks, and more than two a day gives a 240% boost.

One such drink was orange juice, a drink remarkably high in fructose. The sugar increases uric acid levels. Diet soft drinks weren't linked to any changes.

This research is based on a study of almost 79,000 women, spanning 22 years.

Research published in JAMA