Yesterday, Valleywag wrote that Microsoft was canning its $300 million ad campaign featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld after only two commercials. Today, it turns out the ads won't be pulled, just reformulated. Microsoft's campaign drew a mix of condemnation and praise for its odd approach to bolstering its image by ignoring the mud Apple and critics are slinging at Vista: Some found the new ads too confusing, while others weren't too impressed with the "story".

Ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky has finished another spot featuring Gates and Seinfeld, it looks like we won't be enjoying their company for much longer — at least not with a Microsoft logo tacked on. Looks like the software giant wants the ad firm to concentrate on answering Mac's ongoing "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" ad war in a similar style, but with a twist. Microsoft will showcase 60 of its own real employees and tell its own story.

Via Valleywag, the New York Times