Google ups the ante of all lawsuits. Take a back seat, Apple, Motorola, Nokia and the rest, because google is suing the U.S. Government.  The reasons? Conspiracy theories, Microsoft, Google Apps, and apparent favoritism.

A suit filed by Google last week doesn't have anything to do with any antitrust but accuses the federal government of failing to give Google Apps a fair shake when they were searching for a web-based document system.

According to the lawsuit (via: CNET), Google never had a chance to win the project because the Department of Interior required the winning system to be part of Microsoft's Business Productivity Online suite. Google complained in a letter to the DOI:

"We believe these Microsoft-based requirements would violate the Competition in Contracting Act because they bear no rational relationship to the DOI's needs, are not written to enhance competition or innovation, and unduly restrict competition."

Alleged favouritism towards Microsoft is something new and given that Google and Microsoft are in current battle over cloud computing, it could look like they might have a strong case here and whoever the outcome favors would prove to offer at least a wide reach for both the companies.

[via Fast Company]