Sony launches the waterproof TV. Its good if you want to make out with your mermaid girl friend who's constantly wet. Excuse the sexual innuendo, but can this thing play porn as well? The little 1-Seg set features a 4-inch, 16.7-million color, 272 x 480 pixel LCD; AM/FM tuner; 2GB of internal memory to record up to 10-hours of 1-Seg television broadcasts; and up to 23-hours of viewing off the internal rechargeable + 2x AA alkaline batteries. It also carries an IPX7 and IPX6 waterproof rating making it submersible for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1-meter and capable of withstanding penetration by your Jacuzzi's water jets.

1. Other uses: Watching TV while scuba diving (because fishes are boring)

2. Hiding from your lover's husband in the water (you've gotta be distracted)