While it can be said that music may bridge many different cultures, it may do the exact opposite or with some different effect on a different species. Researchers found this to be true with tamarin monkeys because they don't respond to human music, except music created for monkeys.

Charles Snowdon and David Teie have been testing the responses of tamarins to different kinds of music. Snowdon is a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin Madison, while Teie is a musician at the University of Maryland.

Their conclusion is that human music music is designed for human enjoyment while other species don't get that same kind of interpretation in terms of rise and falls with pitches. What may sound like a beautiful melody put together may be simply just noise to them. 

On the other hand, when they experimented composing music based on tamarin calls, the monkeys  became agitated and nervous, friend and happy based on several different sounds.

They also reported that the monkeys responded to Metalica, but didn't say whether it was fear or friendly sounds to their ears.

You can hear samples of David Teie's monkey music compositions at PhysOrg.

Monkeys get a groove on, but only to monkey music (w/ Audio) [PhysOrg]